Sponsorships, both private and business, are an increasingly important part of sustaining Joe Shannon’s Mountain Home Music,​ a non-profit 501-c3 educational organization that honors the music and the musicians of the Appalachian Region. Our JSMHM ticket sales pay for only a portion of our concert series production cost – grants, membership fees, and donations along with sponsorships – underwrite the balance. The JSMHM board of directors is busy this spring contacting both potential business and private sponsors to support our concert series in providing quality live entertainment concerts in what has become a very competitive market. We are working to make it easier for folks to set up these sponsorships.

Clicking on the “Levels” dropdown above will give you information describing the various levels of sponsorships. The “Concert Sponsorship Form” dropdown further explains the perks and benefits of each option, helping you decide which one you might select. After selecting your level of sponsorship, then you will need to select the concert or concerts that you will be sponsoring.
​More information on all of our scheduled performers can be found here on our website under “Home”.

While becoming a business sponsor is fairly straightforward, we have included suggestions as to how our private sponsorships can be set up. Private sponsorships may be made in honor of a family member or special loved one, not only in memory of those who have passed on, but for someone living who you deem worthy of recognition. You may also like to use a sponsorship to acknowledge a special occasion, such as anniversaries, graduations, birthday’s, etc. In past years, family members or groups of friends have joined together to form a private sponsorship in order to recognize someone. We ask you to provide the wording of how you would like your sponsorship to read.

Please note that although many businesses and some private sponsors are interested in the option of being listed in our programs and on our website, you have the choice of remaining anonymous.

If you have questions or need help becoming a sponsor, email us at mhm@skybest.com​.

JSMHM is indebted to all of our members and sponsors for your support in helping us present another year’s worth of top-notch concerts for our 2018 season.

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